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​The owner of Yours Truly and lead photographer talks about the project below,
​​About Me
As an occupational Therapist and Photographer I have worked with children, young people and adults, in mental health settings, for 19 years. During this time I have become increasingly aware of how difficult it can be for people to talk about their mental health and for other people to listen and understand. 

Why Photography?
Through research for my dissertation "The relationship between creativity and the expression of traumatic memories" my thoughts around this were reinforced and I became aware that imagery can be more beneficial as a vehicle for expressing thoughts than words. It can also be a way in which people are more able to relate. Image is a very powerful medium.
With the increase in photography on social media the risks that this involves has also increased. This is not only from people who want to harm children but also from comments and "shares" within a young person’s peer group.

Aims & Goals
My aim for the project would be to provide young people with information about how their images might be shared and what messages these images give to other people. That often it is not the message that we are wishing to portray when the image is first taken or shared.
I would like them to consider why we share so much on social media and to think about how people use this platform to boost their own self-confidence when there are many more beneficial ways in which self confidence can be achieved.
We will also think about the messages they want to share about themselves, their identity and their own life story. Often a picture of a person smiling can mask a lot of background experiences, struggles and achievements of that person.
The aims of the group will be to help the young people improve their confidence without the need of social media by creating a supportive, therapeutic group environment for them to share their experiences and to help them feel more confident about their own identity and life story in a way that others are not able to hurt them through malicious comments. This is for young people to find a way of using photography in a functional, creative and safe environment.

​The Idea
I want to use disposable film cameras so that it can prevent the images being shared immediately to social media and online networks and once developed I would like to see the young people create a publically accessible exhibition of their work to further increase confidence and share the message to other people.

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